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I am a distributor for Alka Viva (formerly Ion Ways) Ionized Alkaline water machines for your home and office.  Please contact me for information on the water.

 Chronic Dehydration Symptoms
• Low Energy
• Migraines
• Digestive Problems
• Constipation
• Obesity
• Allergies
• Blood Sugar Imbalance
• Blood Pressure Regulation
• Joint Stiffness

Acid-Alkaline Balance
• The body is alkaline by design
• The blood is maintained at 7.365 pH
• Chronic disease thrives in an acidic body
• Chronic over-acidity results from:
~ Stress
~ Dehydration
~ Acid-forming foods
• Modern living disrupts the body’s natural
pH balance

All Waters are NOT Created Equal!
AlkaViva UltraWater Ionizers Deliver:

• The cleanest, healthiest, best tasting water!
• Water that is more hydrating than purified water.
• Water that is loaded with antioxidant power.
• Alkaline water that helps balance body pH.
• Water with beneficial alkalizing minerals.