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Fall 2018 Yoga Schedule

September 11 - November 20, 2018

NO CLASS Thursday, October 24.


TUESDAYS                            THURSDAYS

Morning Yoga                       Morning Yoga                          

8-9:15 AM                                9-10:15

Silverthorne Pavilion            Silverthorne Pavilion

Drop-in students welcome.

Silverthorne Pavilion, Blue River Parkway & 4th Street, Silverthorne



18 class punch card $180

 9 class punch card $108

 5 class punch card $67.50

Drop-in $15

All punch cards EXPIRE November 20, 2018

 I also offer private yoga instruction for individuals or groups. 

Please contact me for details.



Class Descriptions

Beginners are always welcome.

 I feel both knowledge of alignment and inner exploration are important for the deepening of your yoga practice.
Students are coached on having a deeper experience of the poses through breath and inner focus as well as being taught physical alignment.

Practice includes sun salutations, standing, and seated poses. Backbends and inversions will be introduced and practiced regularly.  Breath practices and meditation are a part of each class.

Students with a good working knowledge of yoga are challenged to move more deeply into poses.

Class Etiquette

  • Arrive early to ensure a space and allow yourself time to settle in. New students please try to arrive 10 minutes early to register and acquaint yourself with the facility.

  • Please leave your shoes outside of the room!
  • If you find you are late be respectful of others and enter quietly.

  • Layer clothing for comfort. Wear clothing appropriate for expressive movement (tights, bike shorts, athletic wear, etc.) Loose clothing allows for freedom of movement but baggy shorts are not appropriate. Yoga is practiced with bare feet.

  • Turn off pagers and cell phones or leave them in the car. Allow yourself to disconnect and be present for class.

  • It is best not to eat at least 2 hours before class. If you need a snack, juice or an energy bar an hour before should not cause digestive discomfort.

  • Please no strong perfumes or scented lotions.

  • If you have an INJURY or chronic condition PLEASE discuss this with the teacher PRIOR to class beginning.

  • Bring an open heart, be open to possibility and enjoy a joyful practice. Be physically and emotionally prepared to work and have fun.